Top 20 Motivational Quotes

Do you need a boost of motivation to help you get up for the challenge? These inspirational quotes will get you motivated and ready to tackle any challenge.

You are not a robot, no matter how positive you may be. When modern life gets in the way of your dreams, it is easy to lose your willpower. You are not the only one feeling down or discouraged, no matter how difficult things can get.

Here are 20 inspiring quotes to help you get through the day.

  1. It is not the size or shape of the dogfighting but rather the size of the fight inside the dog.
  2. You can have it all. Not even your troubles.
  3. There are only two possible ways to live your existence. The first is to live your life as if nothing is possible. The other, however, is that everything is miraculous.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take chances and make mistakes. This is how you learn. Pain nourishes your courage. To be brave, you must fail.
  5. Strongness means being happy in all aspects of your life, even the imperfections.
  6. You won’t get what you want if you don’t pursue it. You can’t ask if you don’t want to. If you aren’t willing to ask, you will always be in the same place.
  7. In my entire career, I have missed over 9,000 shots. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, and I was trusted to make the game-winning shot. In my entire life, I have failed repeatedly. That is why I succeed.
  8. You can only find success in the dictionary before you go to work.
  9. Failure is part of the journey to success. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, so don’t lose heart. It is much easier to make excuses for why you can’t. It’s easier to do the easy things in life than the hard ones.
  10. A life lived in error is more honorable and more valuable than one done well.
  11. Without your permission, nobody can make you feel inferior.
  12. It took me a while to stop judging myself through the eyes of others.
  13. When my first venture was unsuccessful, I stopped being afraid, and the sky never fell.
  14. Hope never abandons you, and you abandon it.
  15. You can stop telling yourself the stories about why you don’t have what you want. People who are willing and able to sacrifice everything to succeed are more likely to succeed.
  16. People are stained-glass windows. They shine brightly when the sun is shining, but their true beauty can only be seen if there is enough light from within.
  17. There has never been anything extraordinary except for those who believed that something within them was greater than circumstance.
  18. Aerodynamically, the bumblebee should not fly, but it doesn’t know this, so it keeps flying.
  19. It’s not about giving up. Look at all the greats who didn’t give up. You can’t quit if you give up. But you won’t know what you will get if you don’t give up.
  20. Decide what it is, who you are, and how you will do it. The universe will then take care of the rest.

These quotes may have helped you get a jump-start or just given you enough hope to see beyond your troubles and find some way to lift your spirits. We’d love to see your inspirational words and comments below.


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