How to Quote in a Research Paper

How do you quote in research papers? Paraphrasing and quoting are two methods of introducing a source into your research. When the source clearly explains the researcher’s point of view, quotations can be used. A researcher may use a quote to support his research, even if the source is not directly paraphrased. A quote in research papers has a crucial role, but it should only be used where paraphrasing would not be effective.

There are two things to remember when adding quotations to research. The first is how to write a quotation in research. The second is how to cite quotations. The guidelines for writing a quote in research are the same across different research citation systems. Different citation systems have different rules regarding citing quotations.

How to create a quotation for research

When writing a quote, the first rule is to copy the same material as the author. You can write a paragraph or a sentence, but the length of your quotation will depend on how long it is. When deciding on the length of the quotation, the only thing that should be considered is its value for your research. If you don’t have to, do not include lengthy quotes. You can write as long as you need to meet your research requirements.

You must mention the author’s name, year of publication, and page number in the text. It would help if you used quotation marks to make the quote easily recognizable as your own words. Online sources that do not include page numbers can be used to write paragraph numbers or omit them.

The quotation must be exact and follow the original writing format. To ensure accuracy, you should verify the source of each quote.

MLA and APA citations require writing a short quote of no more than four sentences with in-quotation marks. You can include a short quote within your text, but double or single quotation marks must separate it. On the other hand, a long quotation should be written in a separate block and indented from the left. A long quote written as a separate block doesn’t need a quotation symbol. To show that there are multiple paragraphs, you can indent the first paragraph 1/2 inch from the left. The first line of the next paragraph can be indented 1/4 inches further.

How to cite a quote in a research

Citing a quote is done in the same way as paraphrasing. In-text citations may include author name, publication year, page number, and author last name. The reference list should include a complete source citation, including all publication information.

Most copyright-protected works allow fair use without author permission. Author permission may be required to use long quotations in your work. If you wish to use material beyond that, the author must ask permission and prove your manuscript. As a footnote, the researcher can request copyright permission to use long quotations.


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