10 of the Best Market Research Quotes

This article contains 10 top market research quotes by authors and influencers, and historical figures. These quotes provide context that helps us understand the worlds of market research and analytics.

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A simple Google search can yield amazing quotes on market research and analytics. What isn’t information accessible through a Google search these days?

These articles touch on ideas, learning, understanding customers and marketing.

These are 10 of my favorite songs that have stood the test.

1. “Without data you are just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming

It’s true.

Many business decisions are based on gut reactions.

Many people end up with debt and bankruptcy. They aren’t as often talked about.

Research can be used to collect aggregate data and to compare your opinion with others.

2. “Your most unhappy customers can be your greatest source for learning.” – Bill Gates

Companies love their 9s and 10, no matter their scale.

However, a company can learn more from its 1 to 6 ratings than those at the top-end of the scale.

To improve your overall satisfaction, identify the causes of dissatisfaction. It seems so simple, right?

3. “Marketing is about understanding and selling to customers. Peter Drucker

Research on customer experience (CX) is a valuable asset to any business.

The purpose of lead qualification studies is to identify key buyers and determine customer profiles. This allows sales to take place.

4. “Research is what you do when you don’t know what to do.” – Werner von Braun

Are feasibility studies possible?

Are you looking for competitive assessments?

Each building is built upon the premises of the unknowable.

Market researchers (also known as professional Googlers) are a great starting point.

5. “Doing web research is like using a library that has been rattled and vandalized every night. – Roger Ebert

Google is a great place to start, but don’t be tempted to trust everything you see on Google.

There is a lot of information out there, but it can be beneficial to have a market research consultant to help you find more reliable sources than Wikipedia.

6. Our society needs more scientists, engineers, and researchers. People who have helped people improve their lives expanded our knowledge of the world, and cured diseases need to be celebrated and rewarded. – Mark Zuckerberg

Thank you, Mr. Facebook, for your kind words. I agree 100%.

While I do not yet know how to cure diseases (…yet, I think it is important that we understand each other and help improve people’s lives.

7. “The older I get the less I pay attention to what people have to say and the more I examine what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

Ethnography is a subset of Consumerology, as Philip Graves (author) is.

Observational research is more accurate than asking consumers to reflect on their purchase decision after the purchase.

Big Data also likes to think this way.

8. “Marketing without data can be like driving with your eyes shut.” – Dan Zarrella

Market research provides a roadmap for businesses.

It is easy to determine whether you should turn left or right by doing simple directional research. This can help save your company time and money.

This quote is so beloved by our market research company that it appears in almost all of our proposals and our reports.

9. “Don’t use big words. They have little meaning.” They mean so little.” – Oscar Wilde

Writing a survey has three goals: connecting with the respondents, engaging them, and finding out more information.

It is not the goal of a survey to get respondents to say, “There were 6 words in that text that I didn’t know existed in our native language.” Wow! That survey writer is smart.

Don’t complicate wording. Try the opposite. It’s like the survey respondent was in third grade.

10. “Imagination is the highest form research.” – Albert Einstein

This is a great final and 10th quote.

Research does not always need to be quantitative. Sometimes, it’s just thinking creatively and creating concepts.

This type of research is done every minute of every single day. This quote is from the inventors of the toaster and almost everything else we use every day.

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